Android fans wanting slightly of gold with their smartwatch — a la the Apple Watch — could also be interested to find out of a elaborate pants version of LG’s Watch Urbane.

Priced at simply $1,200, the LG Watch Urbane luxury may be a edition measuring system created by LG and jeweler Reeds. it'll be showcased at the IFA natural philosophy show in Berlin in the week and is on the market for pre-order on Reeds’ web site currently, although the particular product — the five hundred of them being created — won’t ship till October.

Beyond the quality LG Urbane, that is maybe one in every of the nicest trying robot smartwatches thus far, Reeds has additional 23-karat gold plating associated an alligator animal skin strap. If that didn’t get your fancy, there’s a customized readying clasp and “each LG Watch Urbane luxury is on an individual basis numbered and bestowed in a very piano gloss lacquered case with a signed certificate of credibleness.”

We can think about many things a lot of worth of our $1,200, however perhaps there area unit five hundred folks that can select this. I’m in person a way larger fan of LG’s new rollable keyboard, that is additionally being undraped in the week in European country in the week and can be lots, heap cheaper. (Not to say, infinitely a lot of helpful.)

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